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about us 

I designed the Beachin Tactical Lite sling, our flagship model, while in Afghanistan. The issue (blue force I think?) 3 point sling that I was given was uncomfortable, we weren't allowed any quick adjustment, and I would get all tangled up in it, and desire to inflict pain upon it. As soon as I could, I ordered a new, One Point sling, that is shown on the background of this page. It SUCKED. It was expensive, and came with a lifetime guarantee, but when it broke, it found itself in the trash can.


When I started making slings, I decided that they needed to not only be the most simple, easy to use and transition sling on the market today, and not only did they need to be incredibly comfortable in a variety of environments, but they also need to be made with the finest materials. So now, years after my time in the military, I make slings, one at a time, custom, for a living. I make sure that every sling that goes out of the door is something that I can be proud of, and I make sure that every one is exactly what the customer wants. When your paying top dollar for gear, you deserve a top dollar product, and a top dollar company to stand behind it.

At Beachin Tactical, I utilize the finest sling components available on the market today and all my slings are hand made. For too long most slings were nothing more than overpriced straps. Yet, they are literally what connects you to your  lifeline and security. Choosing the sling you place on your firearm should be an equally important decision as how you build the firearm system which best suits your needs as well as your budget. When you are building a work firearm, every decision is crucial. Choose wisely.

Meet The Team



The Adventure Dog

Jimbo is a Texas Heeler who loves the outdoors. He is our top model for dog accessories and makes appearances on our Instagram, Facebook, and in our YouTube videos. 

Jacob Beach


 Jacob does the ground work designing, making, shipping, and marketing. He makes sure at every step of the process to provide the end user with the ultimate sling experience

Moriah Beach


Moriah keeps me Jacob in line. She also helps with Youtube videos, website design, and will soon be trained to help make slings... one day.

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