Ready to ship!The Premium Speed Sling line will be a series of slings in camo webbing that is harder/ more expensive to get ahold of. Most of this webbing is 2-3 times more expensive than my typical camo webbing, but I think its cool enough to invest in and sell anyways! Available Colors Webbing- Finnish M05(This is my only webbing that is not American sourced m55301 nylon- this webbing is from Finland, is made for their military, and is polyester) Paracord color- Od GreenBuckle- Light Od GreenThe Beachin Tactical Lite is a revolutionary rifle/ shotgun sling design in that it has a quick release, quick adjust buckle that rests at the center of the chest, creating the fastest adjusting, and most comfortable sling available on the market today.Not only that, but unlike most typical slings, the padding on Beachin Tactical slings is made of Paracord, which is soft, supple, strong, and in a pinch, can be used for a myriad of survival and emergency tasks.

From Finland With Love M05 & Od