Blade Length -3"
Handle Length -4"
Thickness -1/8"
Steel- 1084
Grind- Full Flat Grind
Manufacture- Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works
This is a preorder, so depending on options chosen your knife could take up to six months to ship. I will keep schedules and progress updated to the best of my ability on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
You can order your knife with a single handle color, two handle colors (bolster) and 3 different liners. (If you choose a bolster, you MUST also choose a micarta liner) Please look at the picture of the AdventureCraft above with the large 1 and 2 on it to understand which part of the handle will be #1, and which part will be #2.
The base price for the knife is for the knife with natural micarta or black micarta with (or without) red vulcanized liners, a parkerized or raw blade finish, and laser engraved logo and serial number.
Prices will go up depending on handle materials chosen, and sheath options.
A standard Grizzly Outdoors custom sheath can be had, or for no extra cost you can have the knife shipped to Nc Custom Leather, YellowHawk Custom Kydex, or Black Bear Custom Kydex- but you will have to pay them directly, and contact them directly.
***all dimentions are approximate, as each knife is hand made and small variations are possible

AdventureCraft PreOrder

Handle Option #1
Handle Option #2 (Bolster)
Liner Options
Sheath Options
  • Pre orders are non refundable- you put in the order, and I will have already have invested the money in fancy materials etc.


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